ご宿泊優待メニューのご案内 2018年4月9日(月)~9月30日(日) Courtesy menu for guests staying at our hotel. Mon.,Apr.9 to Sun.,Sep.30,2018

客室からはお電話で「プリンスワン」までお申しつけください。係がおつなぎいたします。Please dial the “Prince One” for the inquiry and reservation.

ご来店時にルームキーをご提示ください。When using any of the restaurants in the hotel, our hotel guests are kindly requested to present their room keys in advance.

※個室を利用される場合は対象外とさせていただきます。※Guests using a private dining room shall be excluded.

【ブッフェ】おとな 平日 ¥6,000  土日祝 ¥6,500 こども(小学生) 平日 ¥4,200  土日祝 ¥4,500 幼児(3才〜未就学) 平日 ¥3,000
Our buffet is full of dishes that are freshly prepared in our three show kitchens. Just like a full course meal, you can thoroughly enjoy an appetizer to a main dish and even 
Buffet Adult:Weekday ¥6,000 Saturday-Holiday ¥6,500 Children (elementary school students):Weekday ¥4,200 Saturday-Holiday ¥4,500 Infants (from 3 years old to preschool):¥3,000

【和食】舞御膳 ¥5,300/小鉢、口取り、お造り2種盛り合わせ、焼き物、煮物、お食事(ご飯・香の物・味噌汁)、甘味
天婦羅・刺身御膳¥4,300 薄切り和牛ロース御膳¥4,300 寿司御膳¥4,800
Guests can enjoy modern and nouvelle Kaiseki dishes in the traditional Japanese cuisine enhancing the flavor of ingredients.
Japanese Cuisine Mai set
meal:¥5,300 Small bowl, Dish of assorted delicacies, 2 kinds of assorted Sashimi, Grilled dish, Stewed dish, Rice, Pickles, Miso soup, Dessert
Tempura and Sashimi set meal ¥4,300
Sliced Wagyu rib loin set meal ¥4,300
Sushi set meal ¥4,800
Kushiyaki Course ¥5,400
Small bowl dish, Steamed dish, Sashimi, Four skewers, Four kinds of grilled seasonal food, Rice, Pickles, Miso soup, Dessert
Sushi course ¥7,000
Appetizer (3 kinds), Sashimi, Grilled dish, Simmered dish, Vinegared dish, 
Nigiri-sushi (6 pieces), and Dessert

ご宿泊優待メニューA ¥5,000 3種前菜の盛り合わせ、蟹入りフカヒレスープ、飲茶3種蒸籠蒸し、海老のチリソース煮または 牛肉と野菜のオイスターソース炒め、ご飯、ザーサイ、杏仁豆腐
ご宿泊優待メニューB ¥7,500 前菜の盛り合わせ、フカヒレの姿煮、飲茶3種蒸籠蒸し、牛肉と野菜の炒め、海老の チリソース煮、とびこ入りチャーハン、杏仁豆腐、紹興酒(5年)1杯付き
Guests can appreciate traditional Cantonese cuisine of rich taste in a new style. 
Special Menu A for Staying Guests ¥5,000
Assortment of three appetizers, Shark fin soup with crab meat, 3 kinds of steamed Yum  Cha, Chili shrimp or Sautéed beef and vegetables with oyster sauce, Rice, Zhacai, and Almond jelly
Special Menu B for Staying Guests ¥7,500
Assortment of appetizers, Stewed whole shark fin, 3 kinds of steamed Yum Cha, Sautéed beef and vegetables, Chili shrimp, Fried rice with flying fish roe (Tobiko), Almond jelly and One glass of Shaoxing rice wine (5 year old)

天婦羅テーブルコース「やすらぎ」¥6,000 小鉢、お造り(2種)、天婦羅(海老、魚介2種、野菜4種)、海老かき揚げ、天丼・香の物・味噌汁 または 天茶・香の物 または ご飯・香の物・味噌汁、甘味
天婦羅カウンターコース「いこい」 ¥8,000 小鉢、お造り(2種)、天婦羅(海老、魚介3種、野菜5種)、中鉢、海老かき揚げ、天丼・香の物・味噌汁 または 天茶・香の物 または ご飯・香の物・味噌汁、甘味
Fully enjoy tempura of seasonal ingredients covered with a thincoating. At the counter, you can appreciate the delicacy and sizzling sound of Tempura fried right in front of you.
Tempura Table Course YASURAGI ¥6,000
Appetizer,  Sashimi Raw Fish (2 kinds), Tempura (Shrimp, Seafood (2 kinds), Vegetables(4 kinds)), Shrimp Fritter, Rice Bowl topped with Tempura, Pickles and Miso Soup; or Tempura-Chazuke (steamed rice topped with kakiage and hot green tea) and Pickles; or Rice, Miso Soup and Pickles, Dessert
Tempura Counter Course IKOI  ¥8,000
Kobachi dish, Sashimi (2 kinds), Tempura (prawn, 3 kinds of seafood, 5 kinds of vegetable), Chubachi dish, Shrimp kakiage fritter, Tempura bowl, Pickles, Miso soup or Tencha (tempura chazuke), Pickles or Rice, Pickles, Miso soup, and Dessert

ご宿泊優待メニュー  ¥8,000 グランドメニュー「トリアノンコース」(¥8,800)をご優待価格にてご利用いただけます。
Enjoy cuisine that utilizes seasonal ingredients while taking in views of the lush green garden.
Special Menu for Staying Guests ¥8,000
The Grand Menu Trianon Course (¥8,800) is available at a preferential price.

ご宿泊優待メニュー ¥8,000 アンティパストミスト、リングイネ ペスカトーレ、本日の魚と帆立貝柱のポワレ アンチョビケッパーソース、国産牛フィレのグリリア、パン各種 本日のドルチェ、コーヒー
Restaurant mainly featuring Italian cuisines bearing health andbeauty in mind. Guests can enjoy rich nature of the Japanese garden through the whole window.
Special Menu for Staying Guests ¥8,000
Antipasto Misto, Linguine Pescatore, Fish of the day and scallop poêlé with anchovy and caper sauce , Griglia of Japanese beef fillet, Bread assortment, Dolce of the day, and Coffee

ご宿泊優待メニュー 鉄板焼きA ¥15,000
前菜盛り合わせ、桂サラダ、本日のシーフード2品、黒毛和牛ロース(120g)、本日の焼き野菜、ガーリックライス、味噌汁、香の物、甘味、コーヒー※プラス 1,000円で黒毛和牛フィレ(100g)に変更いたします。
ご宿泊優待メニュー 鉄板焼きB ¥19,000 前菜盛り合わせ、桂サラダ、活鮑とシーフード1品、黒毛和牛フィレ(80g)または黒毛和牛ロース(100g)、本日の焼き野菜、ガーリックライス、味噌汁、香の物、甘味、コーヒー
Outbuilding steak house in the Japanese garden.Guests can enjoy Teppanyaki of Kuroge-Wagyu beef and seafood.
Teppanyaki grilled dish A ¥15,000
Appetizer, “Katsura” Salad, 2 kinds of seafood of the day,Kuroge Wagyu beef Sirloin (120g),Grilled vegetables of the day, Garlic rice, Miso-soup, Pickles, Dessert, and Coffee 
※Kuroge Wagyu fillet(100g)is also available.(+¥1,000).
Teppanyaki grilled dish B ¥19,000
Appetizer, “Katsura” salad, Fresh abalone and 1 dish of seafood, Kuroge Wagyu beef fillet (80g) or Kuroge Wagyu beef rib loin (100g), Grilled vegetables of the day, Garlic rice, Miso-soup, Pickles, Dessert, and Coffee

ご宿泊優待メニュー ¥3,900 生ハムメロン、クラムチャウダー、ビーフストロガノフ バターライス添え または サーモンソテー オゼイユのクリームソース(パン付き)、コーヒー
A lounge that changes expression with the passage of time.Enjoy a relaxing time with live performances on Friday and Saturday evenings.
Special Menu for Staying Guests ¥3,900
Fresh ham and melon, Clam chowder, Beef stroganoff with butter rice or sautéed salmon with oseille cream sauce, bread, Coffee

ご宿泊優待メニュー 1名さま ¥3,500 生ビール、白・赤グラスワイン、焼酎、カクテル、プリンススカッチの中よりいずれか2杯チョコレート & ドライフルーツ、レーズンバター、オリーブとピクルス盛り合わせ、野菜のスティック、チーズの盛り合わせ、ソーセージ、ピザの中よりいずれか1品
Relax in the main bar with its wide space and high ceiling.
Special menu for Staying Guests  ¥3,500
Any two glasses from Draft beer, Red or white wine, Shochu, Cocktail, and PRINCE Scotch  Any one dish from, Chocolate &  Dry fruits, Raisin butter, Assortment of olive and pickles, Stick vegetable, Assortment of cheese, Sausages, and Pizza

※表記料金には、消費税が含まれております。別途会計時にサービス料(10%)を加算させていただきます。 ※写真はイメージです。
※他のご優待・割引特典とあわせてのご利用はできません。 ※特別催事の場合は、ご利用いただけない場合がございます。 

※Price includes consumption tax. 10% will be added for service charge.
※The above photos are images. ※In the case of a special event, it may not be available.
※If you are allergic to any of seven specific raw materials (shrimp, crab, wheat, soba, egg, milk, peanut), please inform our staff beforehand.
※Please be advised that occasionally menu items change based on availability on the market.

【お問合せ・ご予約】 レストラン予約係 TEL:03-3447-1139 (受付時間 9:30A.M.~8:00P.M. 土・休日は7:30P.M.まで)
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